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OUR Programs

Nurturing, guiding, & healing for children 6 weeks-3 years, We are a home visit-based program with wrap-around services that include our Therapeutic Early Classroom Program. TECP is what makes the relief nursery so special. In tandem with home visits and regular events, our educational model helps families mitigate stress factors and break dysfunctional patterns to raise well-rounded children. With our loving and caring atmosphere, we aim to help children heal from trauma and prolonged stress.

Therapeutic Classroom


This home-visiting program gives parents tools to help with difficult behaviors or uncontrollable emotions. We also provide two respite classes a month, access to our events, and help with community resources.

This program is designed to be flexible and responsive, offering immediate services to eligible families, helping them meet short-term and ongoing needs, providing crisis response, and helping families connect to other Relief Nursery and community services.

ERDC - Childcare

Employment Related Daycare (ERDC) is an Oregon-based program that helps eligible families pay for child care so they can work and attend school. We serve children ages 6 weeks to 3 years of age.  Our child care is available Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

To see if you qualify, please visit  or stop in and see us we can help start that process.

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