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Established in 2008 in Ontario, Oregon, Treasure Valley Children's Relief Nursery is a part of a more extensive network backed by OARN (Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries). With 39 Nurseries across Oregon, the aim is to support, strengthen, and develop Oregon's network of independent Relief Nurseries to maximize family resilience and prevent the abuse and neglect of young children.


Life circumstances like poverty, mental illness, generational trauma, and chemical dependency can compound the stress associated with parenting young children.

What makes us unique is our therapeutic classrooms: Providing a safe, nurturing environment to support healthy development in children ages six weeks to three years. Focused on the healthy social and emotional development of young children, Therapeutic Classrooms is an innovative strategy that incorporates emergent curriculum strategies, research on brain development, and early childhood expertise to develop resilience in children. 

In-Home Parenting Support: Home visits take a strength-based and family-focused approach. By providing parenting support and education, they promote healthy development, care, and support of the child in the family context.

Outreach Services: Outreach Services offer immediate assistance to eligible families to help meet short-term needs and provide crisis response. The immediate goals are ensuring the safety of children and providing support and constructive problem-solving for parents.

Parenting Education: Parenting education and support are offered to all parents the Relief Nursery serves. They leverage an evidence-based curriculum through home visits and groups to meet the family's needs.

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